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What is a Micro-Business?

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Have you heard the term Micro-Business lately and wondered what means? Think of your favorite local "Mom & Pop" shops. They are most likely a single proprietor or a family-owned business that operates in your community.


Often home-based or run by freelancers, consultants, or sole proprietors, these businesses operate in various industries such as retail, services, consulting, or the online and digital realms. Despite their small size, microbusinesses play a significant role in the local economy by providing employment opportunities and contributing to the local communities they serve.


How is a Micro-Business different from a Small Business?

A micro-business and a small business do share similarities, but they also have distinct differences in terms of size and scope. Let's do a quick comparison of these 2 areas:


Micro-Business: Typically characterized by having a very small scale of operation, often consisting of just one person or a handful of employees (usually 10 or fewer). Microbusinesses might operate from home or a small office or storefront.

Small Business: Generally larger than a microbusiness, small businesses may have more employees, ranging from a dozen to a few hundred, depending on the industry and scale of operations.



Micro-Business: Often focused on niche markets or specific products/services due to their small size and limited resources. They may serve local or niche customer segments.

Small Business: Have a broader scope of operations compared to microbusinesses. They may offer a wider range of products/services and target larger customer segments, potentially operating regionally or nationally.


There are other differences such as capital investment. Many microbusinesses are started with little to no external funding and rely on personal savings or loans. Small Businesses often require more substantial capital investment to start and operate. Small businesses may seek funding from investors, banks, or other sources to finance their growth and operations.


Running a business with only a few employees (or none) can be a challenge but is always an adventure. Micro-Business owners shoulder all of the responsibilities of their business. This includes sales, accounting, inventory, taxes, marketing/advertising and everything in between.

There are always lots of buzz-words that come and go but one thing is for certain, Micro-Business owners are resilient. What's most important about them is the unique role they play in our community's economy and culture.

Supporting Micro-Businesses and helping them build their digital footprint to solidify their presence and legitimacy in the community is what I do. If you need help with a website or a logo for your business, contact me for a free consultation! – Carol Vogel


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